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My fantastic English lesson!

My Fantastic English Lesson
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English at DreamerSchool is not like English at school, boring, full of grammar rules… Here you can play, act, sing, meet other persons… And if you speak in Italian you’ll be punished with10 push ups!! Before the lesson, we did the energizer, a lot of games in English: very funny!! Then we started our lesson. Today we focused on interesting questions about ourselves such as “Have you ever fired a gun?” or “If you were an object, what would you have been?”. We discovered peculiar things! Then we thought about the best moment of our life and we represented it with a living picture: it was really amazing! Finally, here at DreamerSchool, you learn by living and day by day you understand that… ENGLISH IS FUN!!

Maria Virginia
Liceo Linguistico “G.Soleri – A. Bertoni”
Saluzzo (CN)

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